Thursday, January 10, 2019

Do you have January-itus too?

I'm currently pinching myself! Quite possibly I have found my groove for writing or at least until the weather turns warmer and Spring returns to my garden. The first light of day and the following 2 - 3 hours are delightful in the garden. There are days, I wander out bare foot, in anticipation of the sunrise, to enjoy the increasing light and listen to the morning. But not in January.

It's not a true cabin fever, more like January-itus. Waiting on snow, the emergence of snowmen through out the neighborhood, lazily reading by the fire and savoring snow days.
January-itus is a time for mapping and planning vacations, spring plantings, exploring local galleries or museums, baking, reading seed catalogs, sewing, painting basically anything to create a distraction as I wait for the first icy crystal snowflake to fall in January.

Today I will continue to write, the book is coming along nicely. I will paint, well maybe not, as it is a painting of a snowy winter street scene. Possibly I shall quilt, I need a new Spring Picnic Quilt, dreaming of warm sunny days is certainly a distraction from snow. Disclaimer, there is no snow in our forecast for today, however, this weekend we may have Snow! I'm just hoping for long walks in a snowy winter wonderland. Maybe, I should Doodle snowflakes.

How do you anticipate the arrival of snow?
Do you gather Art Supplies, Books, Movies, mountains of Snacks and Comfort food?
Are you constantly checking the weather on you phone or social media contacts?
© 2019 Carol Lane Fleming

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A Lesson from a Squirrel on Winter Survival

                                The 3 S's : Squirrels, Snow and Supplies

This morning upon investigation I discovered a Squirrel in panic mode, rapidly gathering additional items for insulation for it's nest. The nest tucked high in an oak, swaying in the wind and honestly looking quite cold and unprepared for the approaching winter storm headed our way. The squirrels may soon be covered in snow. So how does this relate to your Creative Voice, Your Artistic Expression?

Take a closer look. The squirrels have been busy all summer and fall raiding my garden, consuming and hiding my apples and pears but very little effort has been spent reinforcing the nest. They have played and feasted for hours on end and have even napped on the back porch! And now today, they are searching for nesting materials. Very few choices are available this time of year, a few dried leaves here and there blowing in the wind. Snow and Ice are expected later this week.

Don't be like the squirrels. Be prepared for when your Inspiration Strikes. Maintain an adequate supply of Resources, Art Materials, Studio Space which is ready at a moments notice to be called for or secured for a sudden Creative Adventure. Consistently work towards your goals, honing your skills, strengthening your creative voice as you explore options and possibilities daily. If your time is limited, Doodle. If you are saving up for a large purchase of Art Supplies, Doodle. Doodling is an economical method of recording and exploring Creative Expression. Doodling can be 'controlled' in a small journal or notebook, or randomly released upon scraps of paper or fast-food packaging.

You are Creative. You are Artistic. Be prepared to release your next masterpiece and avoid being like a squirrel! Are you prepared for Cold Winter Days, are you prepared for Snow and Ice? Do you have your Art Supplies ready and waiting for 'action'?
© 2019 Carol Lane Fleming

Monday, January 7, 2019

January FREE Check List: Doodle Prompts


1. Embrace YOUR Creative Voice in 2019!
2. What is your very first Creative Adventure tat you can remember?
3. Doodle the same image 4 times, using a different art supply each time.

4. Who was your first Art Teacher?
5. Explore an area of your hometown, take pictures! Then Doodle.
6. Free Day! Rest. Relax. Create as you desire!
7. Doodle with your eyes closed or not looking at your paper.
8. Using your favorite number as a reference, create a pattern.
9. What have you always wanted to create but were afraid to try?
10. Create an imaginary animal.
11. Play with your food! Create decorative edible garnishes!
12. Visit a local Art Gallery or Museum.
13. Free Day! Rest. Relax. Create as you desire!
14. Without searching how many types of Art can you list?
15. Snowflakes are the theme, ready, get set SNOW!
16. What was your favorite art project in school?
17. How many pieces of art do you own? How many did you make?
18. Design an abstract pop up to go inside your art journal.
19. Try out a New Art Supply.
20. Free Day! Rest. Relax. Create as you desire!
21. Bake cookies and decorate them. A sweet creative adventure.
22. Doodle and fill your journal page with stick people.
23. Once upon a time there was _____________________.
24. How many ways can you create your name in 3 minutes?
25. Doodle, using only your favorite color, can use various shades.
26. Design greeting cards using idioms.
27. Free Day! Rest. Relax. Create as you desire!
28. Research a famous artist. Be inspired by their work. Doodle.
29. How many different items can you create with a paper clip?
30. Illustrate/Design a new cover for your favorite book.
31. Create a collage illustrating your art goals for 2019.
© 2019 Carol Lane Fleming

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Ready? Set. Go!

Ready or not 2019 is here! May your year overflow with wild adventures and creative explorations! May your hidden skills and talents spring forth as you embrace your Creative Voice. Remember, creativity is not confined to the titles of Art or Artist.

2019 shall be filled with goals, plans and dreams to be accomplished. Opportunities, adventures and the unexpected delights hidden within each day. The arrival of the New Year is an exciting time anticipating the possibility of the unknown. I'm probably one of the few individuals who can say, I do not make or declare a New Year's Resolution, instead I look forward to embracing each new day with as much creativity as possible. Some days there will be paint, others a shovel and tons of dirt, possibly fabric, pens and pencils, baking or developing new Gluten Free recipes and yes, at some point daily I will be at the keyboard writing, working on a new book to be released later this year.

I am beginning 2019 with a large blank canvas on my easel which is waiting patiently in the studio. A new art journal and a set of pens for my Doodles and Sketches. As I tie up a few loose ends remaining from 2018 I am looking forward to 2019 and the grand adventures to come!

Happy New Year! May 2019 be your BEST year yet!
© 2019 Carol Lane Fleming

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Published, Three Books in Print and Two EBooks

Writing books has always been on my Someday List, my One Day List, my When I Have More Time List, not anymore. As of December 2018 I am now a published author.

Writing like any other calling, dream or desire requires time and effort. There were days when the writing didn't flow and other days when I sat and wrote for well over 12 hours. The creative process is mysterious as it ebbs and flows carrying inspiration. Most days are productive but there are days when the flow ceases and it is those days I switch gears and clean house, run errands, and tend to neglected chores. You would be surprised how quickly these activities can motivate the creative flow!

The books:
1. Art in the Kitchen
    A Starving Artist's Survival Guide
    A Gluten Free & Time-Saver Cook Book

    Paperback and Ebook

2. Hidden in Your heART

    Paperback and Ebook

3. #HiddeninYourheART
    The Companion Art Journal

They are written! They are published! They are now available to the public on Amazon!

I will share more about the books in January.
Merry Christmas!
© 2018 Carol Lane Fleming

Thursday, December 6, 2018

So Close!

So close! We almost had a Christmas Snow! Snow flurries fell late yesterday afternoon. Yes, like so many children I am dreaming of a Snowy Christmas. There are rumors coming forth from the local weather stations we may have another chance at snow, time will tell.

Today, I am busy designing the book covers for the books soon to be published later this month. Long hours of writing, proofing and editing yet, these hours have been inspiring. Notes have been written, ideas recorded for future books and articles. But for now, I must change hats and get busy on the covers!

Let it snow. Let It Snow. Let It SNOW! Still dreaming of a snowy Christmas, maybe this year there will be Snow.
© 2018 Carol Lane Fleming

Thursday, November 1, 2018


Holiday season is upon us, ready or not it is time to get busy and celebrate Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas to name a few major events of the season. How do you prepare?
Do you decorate for each of the celebrations or does your decor blend the best of each? When do you begin decorating for Christmas? Before or after Thanksgiving?

Each year the struggle between tradition and new ideas grows at our house. The traditionalist states, decoration have set times, colors and themes. Apples in September, Columbus Day, the World Series and Pumpkins in October, Fall leaves, Veteran's Day, Turkeys, Pilgrims and Harvest in November, and Red, Green and Gold command December as the decorations and lights go up on the 1st day of the month. The traditionalist goes yet further with the same meals, foods and activities. The one with new ideas and alternative possibilities asks why not this, why do we do that. Or even proclaims we are doing something different this year, using different colors instead of red, green and gold.

Neither is right or wrong. Traditions have a place, marking the passing of time, and even building a rich memory bank for each one present. I feel there is room for both schools of thought as we prepare for the holidays.

Holidays are to be celebrated and filled with joy, not silent stressed filled rooms. Be open to new ideas, be flexible to new possibilities, create memories but more importantly share love, spread peace, and express joy. Enjoy the feasts!
© 2018 Carol Lane Fleming